Based on review questions or direct inquiries from our users.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q:  Can I test your games before release?

A: Oh, yes indeed, if you're enjoying these games, send us a comment, if the feedback is useful, we can set you up as an official tester, once setup you'll be part of the test process so your feedback is very useful.

Q:  What kind of games are you planning to develop for PC/Mac, will you develop on Consoles as well?

A:  Were currently, developing Humans Lost for a PC / Mac release.  This was always the plan, its a pretty in-depth action RPG as is, but could use that serious gamer demographic.

Q: Why not just make paid games, removing the Ad's and in-app-purchases? I would pay for your games.

A: This is the plan, in our opinion, ads can wreck the gaming experience for some user's and we respect that.  In-app-purchases, in kind, remove the incentive and challenge for pure gamers.  For that reason, we'll publish full versions, larger in scale, and content since we can then remove the 100mb over the air download limit.

Want the old market back, you buy it, you play it until its finished?


Q:  How many people are developing your games, how big is your Team?

A: All games were created by One Artist / Designer (who does everything seen or read,) One offsite Programmer working Part-Time and as many bug testers, play balance testers as we can recruit from friends or family.

Were small team, were focused, work hard and pivot in the constantly changing markets, be it Mobile, PC - Mac or Console.


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​​​Q:  What permissions do your apps require?

A: Only those of Google Play Services and or Advertiser requirements.  Thats it.  We just make the games.

Q:  Does FunKey Games gather any data from users or devices?

A:  None, Zero, we just want to make games for you to play and enjoy.

Q: How do you make these games, for free and how do you make money?

A: First, its our passion to build and create these games, big or small, they're just fun to make and we hope you like them.  Second, Ad revenue (if implemented) can potentially provide enough income to sustain updates after launch, but the original cost to develop the game from the ground up is all on us to provide.

Third, in-app purchases are implemented for those who want to acquire items, before, mining or gathering through level progression.   

In all, its not a lucrative business model and our opinion on Ads and In-App Purchases are not very good for our gamers.

With user engagement, positive reviews, we keep the projects going.

Q:  How much does it cost to develop your games?


A:  The cost, ranges from $5,000 for a quick small content created game and $50,000 for a large content created game.

Q: What do you do with the user feedback?

A: We usually jump right into, any valid user feedback, bug, crash or feature that can use some tweaking.  If new additions can be easily implemented, we can add or adjust the game to the user request.

Q:  How do you create the 2D Artwork / Sprites, in your games? 

A:  Everything is created in 3D, modeled, rigged, textured, animated and rendered as sprite sheets.  In short, everything is made as if it were to being developed for any 3D game

engine, such as Unity, Unreal, CryEngine.