We're a small Game Creation Factory, founded by cousins Todd and Erik Stone.  With 25 years business and AAA studio game development experience, published countless online Flash and Mobile games, we are moving to larger, full featured games and currently developing and now supporting PC / Mac platforms through Steam.  Check out our Games... Fun, Casual and even hardcore, but get ready we readying something big in 2020.


Notice our games look retro, why Unity 3D for 2D games?  The easy answer to this question is, performance and portability.  Unity's 2D implementation is perfect for our Retro style game-play and making games that run at 30 / 60 frames per second is the de facto standard for each title.

Expansion and ease of use:  Unity 3D is an impressive suite of development tools and technology that rivals anything in the industry.  Its simple integration using the industry standard FBX file format, allows artists, the ability to create incredible art and animation using their preferred tools, which is perfect for our growing Project list. 


Funkey Games

May 2013

Earth Quake Treasure Run: Art and Design complete for 1st playable.  In the coding phase.

June 2013

Design and Art completed for Epic Fire Rescue.  Its going to be a cute and fun challenge.

Earth Quake Treasure Run has been sidelined as the contracted programmer moved to Finland to continue his programming education.

August-September 2013

New programmer on board and have begun developing Epic Sea Battle for the Google Play and Apple App Store markets!


Epic Sea Battle for Android is almost complete!  iOS version has been in testing.


Published Epic Sea Battle for iOS and Android. Balanced weapons, never ending levels for infinite play.  


Began Re-developing "Zombie Hotel"

Renamed from Zombie Rush the Flash Game prototype featured on countless websites.

The challenge in developing this title will be the endless game play, keeping the players engaged for hours if not days.

February 2014

Zombie Hotel has blossomed from a simple idea; 3 minute timed game play, one weapon and zombie encounters into an incredibly rich and in-depth gaming experience.  Gone is the monotonous hallways and linear game play, now players will need to scour the landscape, collect and build their own items for survival.  Oh yeah, zombies are relentlessly trying to devour you. 

March  2014

Renamed Zombie Hotel to "Humans Lost" befitting the theme of the game.

Game play is complete, multiple locales are needed to complete the game.

August 2014

New Game Announcement!  Astro Blast! (working title) has begun production and has been prototyped to perfection.  A controller-less action arcade game.

News:  Humans Lost is nearly art complete, while Orcs and Arrows is fully functional and awaits further level designs before release.

November 2014

Humans Lost readies itself for launch. Look for it in the app stores early December.

December 2014

Humans Lost v 1.0 is Finally art complete and now in the QA testing phase.

January 2015

Humans Lost finally released on Android Devices while iOS in progress after mandatory Promo Material is created prior to submission.

July 2015

Numerous additions made to the game and has Entered the final phase of CSD QA - Balance Testing.

Update:  Cosmic Space Dust!  Its OUT!  its Awesome! 

December 2015

Humans Lost gets a massive update to gameplay, includes the ability to Run and inflict an incredibly powerful Jump attack, instantly killing any Zombie.

Mega City Runner, is complete and is Publish Pending.


Orcs and Arrows is still in its level design production phase, and its turning out incredible.  

March 2019

Humans Lost - Headed for Steam on  Mac and PC systems.  Updates to expand its core functionality, new locations, trading, quests and even more action / tactical gameplay.

Orcs and Arrows has added numerous Levels and gameplay mechanics.  Two worlds, 20 levels total.

More projects to come, just cant talk about them!

Mauricio M.             Code

September 2012

FunKey Games publishes a quick and catchy, yet an incredibly challenging game for everyone to play.

Behold, Super Cave Escape.

February 2013

Super Cave - Super Success! Updated background artwork in Super Cave Escape, all beautifully rendered in 3D.

March 2013

Updated Super Cave Escape launched on iOS App Store and Google Play marketplaces.  The game has been played by more than 150,000 users.

April 2013

FunKey Games is contracted to develop two games for an independent game publisher:

Epic Fire Rescue and Earth Quake Treasure Run.



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